Mikey 13 New Years Day Prayer

Mikey 13 new years day prayer

· The Baby Healed Through Fr. McGivney’s Prayers: ‘Let Michael Be the Miracle’. After extensive medical examination, the unexplained healing of Michael. · As the dawn breaks on a new year, let us give thanks for all we hold dear: our health, our family and our friends. Let us release our grudges, our anger and our pains, for these are nothing but. A New Year's Prayer Lord, You make all things new You bring hope alive in our hearts And cause our Spirits to be born again. Thank you for this new year For all the potential it holds.

Come and kindle in us A mighty flame So that in our time, many will see the wonders of God And live forever to praise Your glorious name. Amen. · I have compiled the best prayer points, wishes, and messages to help usher you into a happy new year, bearing in mind the blessings in such and how scriptures enjoin us to commit things unto God’s hands.

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New years are important and praying for a happy new year is equally a great way to begin Read Also: 5 Perfect, Affordable Christmas Gift Ideas For Your Pastors.

· The Book of Life: A new year is a new page in the book of our lives. May we write with color, wisdom and humility. And may your grace fall upon it consistently and unceasingly.

Amen. (The ultimate prayer for many Christians is the Lord's prayer. Get a revolutionary new Jewish reading of it in an excerpt from my upcoming book here.)Author: Rabbi Evan Moffic. The Book of Life: A new year is a new page in the book of our lives. May we write with color, wisdom and humility.

And may your grace fall upon it consistently and unceasingly. Amen. (The ultimate prayer for many Christians is the Lord’s prayer. I offer a new understanding of it in. Prayer for a Happy New Year. May the Lord make my New Year a happy one Not by shielding me from sorrow and pain, but by strengthening me to bear it if it comes.

Not by making my path easy, but by making me sturdy enough to tread any path. Not by taking hardship from me, but by taking all cowardice and fear from my heart as I meet hardships. · Daily Prayer for a Hurried Morning. Lord help me make my day useful and my night restful. Help me keep my words and actions from being zret.nalekeec.site is a new chance to shine your light and extend your grace.

I haven’t messed up yet. But as soon as I get out of this bed I’m gonna need all the help I can get! A Prayer to Keep God First this New Year Dear God, Thank you that you make all things new.

Mikey 13 new years day prayer

Thank you for all that you've allowed into our lives this past year, the good along with the hard things. · If you go ahead of us, we will go; if you go behind us, we will go.

If you will lead us in a cloud by day, and if you will. Light the night and its shadows with Your fire, we will faithfully follow. This is our prayer: In all things that happen this year we ask. That we would be aware of Your presence, O Lord.

Mikey 13 new years day prayer

· “O God of steadfast love, Learning from you, may we walk well.” Here is a prayer that you can use at home or in church on New Year’s Eve or New Year’s Day.

Of course, let us not forget that January 1st is also the Feast of the Holy Name, in which we commemorate Jesus’ naming on the eighth day. I pray for protection throughout this day; protect from harm and evil; go before me, to the left and right of me and behind me. Order my steps so that I walk worthy of your calling throughout this day. May I be attuned to your promptings – whether it shows up as a gentle tug or a strong conviction.

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VBS. Worship Night. Social Media. New Year Day. New Years Day New Years Day New Years Day New Years Day New Years Day 26 New Years Day New Years Day New Years Day New Years Day New Years Day New Years Day New Years Day New Years Day New Years Day 9.

New Years Day 8. New. Praying the Scriptures has changed my prayer life. It is slowly changing my heart. Praying the Scriptures isn't for the ones who have it all together. Praying the Scriptures is for the weak and broken, like me, who often don't have the words to pray so we pray His Words. I declare this day open in the name of the Father, the Son and of the Holy Ghost.

This is the day the Lord has made, I will be glad and rejoice in it. I choose to be a happy person this day in Jesus’ name (Psalm ). Father, watch me and let my purpose be achieved today, in Jesus name. Jan. Pray for a spirit of gentleness and that God’s love will radiate to others through you. Jan. Pray that you would hunger for God’s Word and long to spend time in fellowship with Him. Jan. Pray for the heart of the servant and that God would show you ways in which to serve others.

· As Muslims begin their new year, I will reflect on what my father said to me when I was just fifteen. Before I go there, a word of caution on protocol and a bit of background.

Protocol: I advise that you not greet your Muslim friends with a cheery ‘Happy New Year. · God of new beginnings, you wipe away our tears and call us to care for one another. Give us eyes to see your gifts, hearts to embrace all creation, and hands to serve you every day of our lives. We ask this in the name of Jesus.

Amen. Intercessory; At the beginning of this new year, we implore God's blessing upon our work. · In Heb.

3 Family Prayers for the New Year - for the family

God further emphasizes His acceptance and grace. He declares that He will remember our sins no more. No matter how much some may have struggled and failed, believers can have a new beginning and powerful renewal through God’s grace. The beginning of a new year is a perfect time to seek God for a whole new start. · Cousins Michael Connelly (known as Mikey), 13, and Jessica Hayes, 15, from Northamptonshire, died on Wednesday after their parachute rope snapped.

Michael's brother James, 15, remains in hospital. day 8: prayer for the general overseer day 9: obeying the rules of riding in high places day prophetic declarations for the new year day prophetic declarations over christ gospel mission int. day keys to riding high in the year day i refuse to ride in the wrong direction day power to tear down ungodly high places day.

Let us say the prayer for entering the New year. Prayer for Entering the New Year for Today. Lord, I thank you graciously for a New Year. I thank you because I know it will be a year of greatness and your blessing will be poured out on me and my entire family. Last year was good but I believe this year would be better. Thank you for your word, thank you for the good plans you have for me.

Lord, bless my. · New year, new faith-filled you. Commit to saying a prayer once or twice a day, go to church once a week, or read a passage from the Bible each morning. Proverbs  · 3 Family Prayers for the New Year Family Unity. Ephesians tells us to, “Make every effort to keep the unity of the Spirit through the bond of peace.” So we make it a point to pray for unity as we enter into the New Year.

A Prayer for Family Unity. God we thank you for an increased unity in our family in the New Year and every year beyond. "Prayer for a New Beginning" is an inspiring prayer for the New Year, which is suitable for renewing your dedication to God. This prayer may also be useful f. THE.

COLLECTS, EPISTLES, AND GOSPELS, TO BE USED THROUGHOUT THE YEAR. ¶ The Collect, Epistle, and Gospel, appointed for the Sunday, shall serve all the Week after, where it is not in this Book otherwise ordered ¶ The Collect appointed for any Sunday or other Feast may be used at the Evening Service of the day before. day itself on January 6, We will hear the scriptures for this holy day read on Sunday, January 7th, so that we are prepared to celebrate this new season of the church year.

Coming on the twelfth day of Christmas, Epiphany commemorates the manifestation of Christ to the Gentiles in the persons of the Magi. The word ‘epiphany’ refers to a. Day 2. The world is full of many distractions, and each new year brings the opportunity for more disorder. Pray for steadfastness. Ask God to steady your heart, direct your steps and help you keep your eyes fixed on Him. Thank Him for giving you the strength you need to stand firm on His promises when the rest of the world is wavering.

6. Before the end of this year and in the new year, Destroy the stronghold of idleness in my life 7. Before the end of this year and in the new year, destroy the power of stagnancy.

8. I renounce all form of frustration in my life. 9. Father, in the name of Jesus, remove the shame that has followed me throughout this year.

Chinese New Year Schedule 2021: Day-by-Day Festivity ...

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New Year Day New Years Day Rated 0 out of 5 $ 0 – $ 57 Select options. New Year Day New Years Day On this day, the Ecclesiastical New Year, the church calls us to contemplate and meditate upon our Creator and His Creation. This first day of the New Year not only marks a renewal of the liturgical cycle, but, as the beginning of the year, it draws our attention to.

Watch the video New Year's Prayer. Almighty God, work in us and through us. This year. Every year. Forever. Use this mini-movie as a call to worship or service starter for any New Year’s themed church service, event, or celebration. New Year's Eve observed: State holiday: LA, MI, WI: Dec Saturday: New Year's Eve: Observance: Dec Saturday: New Year's Eve: State holiday: LA, MI, WI * Observed only in some communities of this state.

** Observed only in part of this state. *** Optional holiday in this state. Hover your mouse over the region or click on the holiday for. There is another way to approach the start of a New Year: Pray for God to lead you in a “New Year’s Renewal.” Looking for God? As I do each year, when the New Year rolled around, I looked to see what would be said in the Christian world about the New Year.

In the Western liturgical year, Lady Day is the traditional name in some English-speaking countries of the Feast of the Annunciation, which is celebrated on 25 March, and commemorates the visit of the archangel Gabriel to the Virgin Mary, during which he informed her that she would be the mother of Jesus Christ, the Son of God.

The event being commemorated is known in the Prayer Book of. · Here’s a pastoral prayer for the start of the New Year.

Mikey 13 New Years Day Prayer - A Prayer For The New Year - Rev. Pat - Parker United ...

It was written by Rev. Ian Elston. Pastoral Prayer for the New Year. November 26 is Thanksgiving Day in the United States. National prayers (54) natural disasters (13) New Year () offering () opening prayer () Palm Sunday () Pandemic prayers (37).

You crown the year with your goodness, and your paths drip with abundance. Psalm Happy New Year! Losar Festival will be from February 12 th to 14 zret.nalekeec.site ancient times when the peach tree would blossom, it was considered the start of a new year.

Since the systematization of the Tibetan calendar in A.D. the first day of the first month is fixed as the beginning of the New Year. · So there is a prayer called the twelve year prayer. You basically have to pray it everyday for twelve years. If you miss a day with a good excuse than you can make up the prayer later. But how do you make it up? I’m really just curious cause I was thinking would you pray it twice in one day or just add a day to the twelve years? Would either be okay?

Thanks for the input! · Take your prayers very seriously because God will use it to take you to where you need to be in the New Year. Prayer declaration for your family in the New Year In the name of Jesus, I declare God’s blessing upon my life and family in this new year. We walk in perfect health.

We will not lack any good thing. with people from day to day. B. We can be leaders by setting the proper example - 1 Timothy 1. We need the word of God as our guide and the hope of heaven as our goal - 2 Timothy ; 1 Peter 2. We don't want to be like other people, whose primary goals are a good job, a.

· As we come out of the Holiday season, we begin to catch a glimpse of the coming year, I can see no better way to begin this new year than in prayer to the One who is granting the year to us.

A Prayer to Keep God First this New Year

As a church family, we are poised for another exciting year. With God’s help, and a lot of hard work on our part, will be a wonderful year for. Below is a list of beautiful and powerful Catholic prayers. Saying a prayer, however, is not the same as zret.nalekeec.site order for these words to become true prayer, they must be reflected upon, understood, meant, and the prayer must come from the depths of your soul.

· The date selected for McGivney’s feast, August 13, is the day between his birth, which was Aug, and his death, which was August. New Year's DayRose Parade event in Pasadena, California Febru Leap Year Day - an extra day is added to this year as previous 4 years each had an extra 6 hours totalling one full day that must be reflected in calendars for accuracy.

A beautiful wall calendar next to my kitchen sink with a snowy country church scene announces this New Year every day. Sometimes, moving into a new year isn’t as simple as turning the page on a calendar. Sometimes, instead of an organized list of plans and goals the New Year resembles a. · A portrait of of Blessed Michael McGivney, founder of the Knights of Columbus, is displayed during a prayer vigil at St.

Mary's Church in New Haven, Conn., Oct. The Goonies is a movie Millennials quote word for word for good reason: Mouth, Mikey, Data, Chunk and the gang deliver some of the best lines in the history of film. Updated On By Amanda Bruce: Considering that the entire movie is just so quotable, it seems a shame to stop with just 10 quotes.

At all New Years Day Masses, we will recite the Veni Creator Spiritus, all you have to do is fulfill the usual conditions. o THE USUAL CONDITIONS: o Receive Holy Communion on the Feast Day o Go to Confession (within 8 Days of the Feast Day) o Have no attachment to sin. o Pray for the Intentions of the Pope one Our Father, and one Hail Mary. The 3 Things We Can Give to God This Year - New Year Devotional - January 22 Jan 22 EDITOR'S NOTE: This is the final installment of our New Year's Devotional series for this year.

A Daily Prayer with Special Significance at This Time of Year: V’hu Rachum Dr. Rivkah Teitz Blau ם וחר אוהו is a verse about G-d’s mercy that we repeat every day but is especially meaningful now. It comes fromTehillim, Psalm He is full of compassion, forgiving iniquity and not destroying; frequently.

Mikey 13 new years day prayer

7. Agasthiar's Nakshatra Prayer Mantras given to us by Siddha Sathguru Venkataraman. A Siddha Treasure! Sri Agasthiar Nakshatra Vaakya Rohini Chandra Chakram on the cover of the April issue of our Agasthia Vijayam Magazine. Pramaadhi New Year Worship Procedure hours GMT on Ap (Written and published in zret.nalekeec.site on The New Year is as good a time as any to redouble our efforts, so let me summarize St.

Aquinas’s 3-point punch list for vocal, common prayer (which also works for mental or individual prayer. All Saints Cathedral Nakasero choir leading the praise and worship on New Year's day. The Most Rev. His Grace Stanley Ntagali, the Archbishop of the Church of Uganda led his last New Year service as Archbishop at Saint Paul's Cathedral Namirembe, where he.

· I thank you for this new day,this Bless New Year For this New Year May all I do Bring You Great Glory. So to day,this Bless New Year I pray for a Blessed and Peaceful Year Full of Happiness and Joyfulness. Thank You Lord Jesus,for always being here with me in all my joys and pain,till the end of the time.

In Jesus mighty. · On the first day of a new year many of us wish each other a "Happy New Year!" But as we begin a new year, we need more than a hopeful greeting from the people around us. We need to listen to what God told Joshua about 3, years ago. As Joshua was about to lead God's people into the promised land, he had reason to be afraid.

He had an enormous task ahead of him, and he was. · 2 Corinthians NIV "Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, the new creation has come: The old has gone, the new is here!" I love New Year's.

Mikey 13 new years day prayer

It's not because of the New Year's Eve celebration; it's not because the busyness of the holidays is over. I love New Year's because it signifies the end of. Heavenly God, I offer You all my works and actions for this day for the glory of Your name.

I pray that I may sanctify every beat of my heart, every thought in my mind. Every simple work I do, I offer onto You. I wish that all my sins be forgiven as You are a merciful and loving God. I offer this prayer. The old year has ended and a new one lies before us; a new year full of promise, hope and potential.

New Year prayers and blessings | pilgrimwr.unitingchurch ...

As we enter into this New Year we pray that your Holy Light will shine upon all nations, all people and all of creation leading us in love, peace and joy. A Prayer of Reflection for the New Year: My Father Who is in Heaven, Hallowed be your name. I thank you for the caring and keeping of my heart, my mind, and my body this year.


I know that many of the events that have transpired over the course of the year may have been a surprise to me, but none of them were a surprise to you. · New Year Day is here. New beginnings are embraced. New life, full of Grace! (c) John Stevens. As the new year dawns – A New Year’s prayer (has reference to depths of winter in northern hemisphere; in Australia we are in the midst of the summer heat for New Year) God as this new year dawns, May we take time to see the newness you are giving.

This year I have two at home, two in school and one in college. With all my kids spread out in different directions, there’s no doubt it will look a bit different. Thoughts of schedules, sports, new teachers, new environments and new friends began swirling in my head, leaving me feeling a bit overwhelmed and school hasn’t even begun.

· The way your grandparents commemorated the New Year might have something to do with your roots. In Scotland, New Year's Eve, or Hogmanay, as they call the last day of the year, is a bigger deal than Christmas ("Auld Lang Syne" is a Scottish song, after all).The massive party goes on for days and incorporates age-old acts, such as first-footing.

· Today Mikey is a healthy 5 year old. The second hurdle in having Mikey’s cure declared a miracle was determining that the prayers to save his life were specifically directed to Father. Day off for New Year's Day: Federal Holiday: Dec Friday: New Year's Eve: State holiday: LA, MI, WI: Dec Friday: New Year's Eve: Observance * Observed only in some communities of this state.

** Observed only in part of this state. *** Optional holiday in this state. Hover your mouse over the region or click on the holiday for details. · Liturgical Colour: White. Dear brothers and sisters in Christ, on this day, the very first day of the new year, we always celebrate together with the entire Universal Church, the Solemnity of Mary, the Holy Mother of God.

My own health is precarious. I dread this year. In fact, I dread everything." We will not go on with that lamentation, but we will hear the cheering word,-"Behold, I make all things new." The Lord, in answer to believing prayer, and especially in answer to a full resignation to his will is able to make all providential surroundings new for you.

Each holiday throughout the year is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to experience and love God to the fullest! And each new year holds great treasure: the opportunity to experience, love, know, and serve God better! This special series of holiday reading plans by Kim Niles of Grief Bites will encourage and help you to celebrate and experience God’s Word, love, truths, and plans in a fresh.

New Year’s traditions around the world – New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day traditions vary across the globe. The following is a look at the unique ways people ring in the new year throughout the world. #NewYears. New Year’s Traditions Around the World. Each December 31st, people anxiously await and count down to the arrival of the new. New Year's Day is a holiday in many zret.nalekeec.site was created to welcome the new zret.nalekeec.site most countries, New Year Day is celebrated on 1 January.

The new year is an event that happens when a culture celebrates the end of one year and the beginning of the next. Cultures that measure yearly calendars all have new year celebrations. · Mikey Schachle, 5, plays with his sister Gianna in the family home in Dickson, Tenn., June 2, Five years ago, Dan and Michelle Schachle prayed to Father Michael McGivney, founder of the Knights of Columbus, to intercede with God to save their son, still in his mother's womb, who was given no hope of surviving a life-threatening case of fetal hydrops.

All is quiet on New Year's Day A world in white gets underway I want to be with you Be with you night and day Nothing changes on New Year's Day On New Year's Day I will be with you again I will be with you again Under a blood red sky A crowd has gathered in black and white Arms entwined, the chosen few The newspapers says, says Say it's true it.

· Day 2. This is a day of prayer. The Chinese pray to their ancestors and gods. This day is also considered the day dogs were born, so Fidos everywhere get spoiled on this day with plenty of treats and love. Days 3 and 4. These days are reserved for son-in-laws to pay respect to their in-laws. Day 5. Tips For a Holier New Year: Day 3 – Think About Your Character.

By Whitney Hetzel but by bringing this to mind each and every day, and through our prayer, we can become more purposeful and better discern the holy will of God in our lives. 13 Tips For Catholics Dealing With Anxiety. By Genevieve Cunningham. · Day 2 – Faith Speaks. As we progress through the first seven days of the New Year day 2, turn your attention to your faith.

On day 1 of the New Year, I talked about the importance of entering the New Year with a renewed mind. Today I want to address the importance of speaking faith and how our words affect our faith. Prayer Increases Faith.

· The Lord's Day Evening Decem Psalm 90 “How Christians Should Approach the New Year” Dr. Derek W. H. Thomas Now turn with me to the Ninetieth Psalm Psalm We are taking a break for this Lord's Day evening from our study in the book of Nehemiah. This is. It’s crucial that we men approach this new year with purpose and grit.

We are favored sons of God. We stand with Jesus—and He’s calling us up and into ‘more.’ So, it’s imperative we prepare and partner with Him in those plans. Start this five-day plan to reflect on last year and consider what’s next, for you—and join hundreds of thousands of men reading WiRE. Title: Jews praying on Brooklyn Bridge [i.e. Williamsburg Bridge] on New Years Day Date Created/Published: [] Medium: 1 photographic print. Reproduction Number: LC-USZ (b&w film copy neg.) Rights Advisory: No known restrictions.

In pre-Christian Rome under the Julian calendar, the day was dedicated to Janus, god of gateways and beginnings, for whom January is also named. As a date in the Gregorian calendar of Christendom, New Year's Day liturgically marked the Feast of the Naming and Circumcision of Jesus, which is still observed as such in the Anglican Church and Lutheran Church.

· Established and maintained a daily prayer, devotional, and worship habit with the Lord. with an already mapped-out Day Designer full of plans for the new year. In fact, Day Designer on Decem at pm Thanks for sharing about your year and for blogging about Day Designer, Callie. We’re so happy it has made a difference. · A priest offers prayer with a new ledger book during rituals on Bengali New Year Day in Kolkata. Traders in West Bengal open their new account books for the year on Bengali New Year after offering prayers to Goddess Lakshmi and Lord Ganesha to bring them prosperity.

· Chinese New Year, the grandest festival for Chinese people, is celebrated for more than half a zret.nalekeec.siteing to the oldest traditions, people follow a day-by-day schedule of Chinese New Year festivities from the 23rd day of the 12th lunar month, with specific things to do on certain days. · The whole year will be fortunate for you, not if you are drunk on the new-moon [New Year’ Day], but if both on the new-moon [January 1st], and each day, you do those things approved by God.

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For days come wicked and good, not from their own nature; for a day differs nothing from another day, but from our zeal and sluggishness. · New Year’s Day is the perfect day to reach out to people you haven’t spoken to in a while.

We all get busy, especially around the holidays, so the slowing of holiday events provides more breathing room to consider reconnecting with people in your life. Dial a few friends and colleagues, or send an e-mail sharing life updates, season's.

Israel is entering a second nationwide lockdown to curb surging coronavirus cases, just as people begin to mark the start of Jewish New Year.

Rosh Hashanah is traditionally a time for big, family. DOBSON — A year ago, the The Mount Airy Ministerial Association’s observance of the National Day of Prayer for the first time expanded to two area locations.

Tibetan New Year Date.

My Muslim New Year Prayer — Sabeeha Rehman

Tibetan New Year or Losar is the most important traditional festival for Tibetans and starts from Dec, 29th on Tibetan calendar, and the entire celebration is expected to last for 15 days, while most of the festivities will take place in the first 3 days. The lunisolar Chinese calendar determines the date of Lunar New Year. The calendar is also used in countries that have been influenced by, or have relations with, China – such as Korea, Japan and Vietnam, though occasionally the date celebrated may differ by one day or even one moon cycle due to using a meridian based on a different capital city in a different time zone or different.

Father, empower Daddy and Mummy G.O. to break more new grounds this year. Day 5, Friday 15 th January, PRAYERS FOR THE CHAIRMAN, PROVINCIAL PASTORS, ZONAL PASTORS, AREA PASTORS AND PARISH PASTORS – Zechariah.IsaiahNumbers Father, let your hand rest upon our leaders to operate in divine wisdom. Day New Year’s Fasting Prayer Calendar Week 1 Focus: Personal Holiness and Repentance Day 1: Ask the Holy Spirit to reveal your biggest area of spiritual weakness and recurring sin.

Pray for strength to overcome these things this year. Day 2: Ask the Holy Spirit to reveal any areas of bitterness or unforgiveness you are. Here we can see a year-day relation between the days of the Sirius calendar and the years it took the Egyptian civil calendar to realign with Sirius on New Year's Day.

There are Biblical prophecy precedents for this day-year correspondence [ Num.Ezek. ] which relate directly to the year cycle, which itself contains. · New Year by Zona Brand. New Year celebrate krna apne husband k sth. Interest. New Year celebration Filnz Group New Zealand. Society & Culture Website. New Year cup. New Year's Day Prayer Breakfast & Jazz Champagne Brunch.

Event. New Year's Day Racing. Sports. New Year's Day Raft Race Community. New Year's Day Raft Race This feast day, of January 1, is a very complex tapestry, both culturally in liturgically. Perhaps we can use the second reading by St. Paul to the Galatians as a way to weave through some of the many details. We can look at it in three parts. I. The Chronology of our celebration. The text Continue reading "Will the Real January 1st Please Stand Up.

A Homily For New Years Day and the. · New Year's Day will also mark the 43rd World Day of Peace originally introduced by Pope Paul VI. These Vatican events will stream at zret.nalekeec.site and also on CatholicTV where available.

The World Day of Peace is a feast day of the Catholic Church dedicated to peace. · ADDIS ABABA, 13 September, / PM ().-On the occasion of the Ethiopian New Year celebration marked Friday, September 11, the head of the Catholic Church in the Horn of Africa nation has appealed for dialogue to address tensions that surround the controversial construction of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) on the Blue Nile.

So it's all over bar the shouting and we've survived! As far as the general public is concerned Christmas is finished for another year, even though the Church goes on celebrating Christmas for a few more weeks yet.

And we're through into another new year without being zapped by God at midnight on New Year's. People free online jigsaw puzzles on zret.nalekeec.site Play full screen, enjoy Puzzle of the Day and thousands more. British Prime Minister The Rt. Hon.

Morning Worship Songs \u0026 Prayers 2020 - New Year Worship Songs \u0026 Prayer

David Cameron MP and his wife Samantha Cameron joined thousands of devotees and visitors at BAPS Shri Swaminarayan Mandir, London on Monday 4 November to celebrate the Hindu New Year.

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